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The System™ incorporates elements of strength, cardio, stretch and recovery. Each class is thoughtfully designed and taught by an SOS-molded trainer who's goal is to encourage you get the most out of you. 


CLOCKED™ is notoriously intimidating for new SOSers but once you break the seal it quickly becomes the class you love to hate. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, our version of High Intensity Interval Training will have you begging for mercy. One thing is certain—you’re going to need your Big Boy pants.


When CONTROL™ is part of your weekly routine you'll be giving out lots of tickets to your gun show. This class focuses on bigger muscle groups and heavier weights to sculpt lean, toned muscle from head-to-toe. And did you know that building lean muscle mass burns fat more efficiently in your body? Um, sign me up!


THE COURSE™ taps into dynamic movements or what we like to call strength in motion. This torturous obstacle course uses full body explosive strength to build lean muscle and endurance. Using unique equipment with dynamic movement will leave those lungs burning and your body exhausted: As Mom likes to say,"you might need a little nappy-pooh" afterwards, but we promise you'll wake up and come back for more.


HIGH+TIGHT™ uses light weights and high reps to burn, shake and tone those muscles—including the often neglected nooks and crannies. This insanely effective full body toning class will leave your silhouette cinched and your body high and tight. Nothing but quarter-bouncing-butts leave this class. Who’s got change for a dollar?  


You wanna take this outside? By stepping out for some fresh air that uses your surroundings and your bodyweight, ASPHALT KICK'N infuses stairs, sprints and full body moves as Mother Nature gives you a nice swift backhand. Look for this outdoor class when the weather cooperates in the spring, summer and most of autumn.


This powerful athletic yoga class will challenge your strength in a major way. The creative strength sequences mixed with power flow and strong balance challenges will leave you drenched in sweat, wrung out, and totally worked from head to toe.


The Yin to strength and cardio’s Yang, SloFlo™ will stretch, detox, relax and recharge you after a long week of SOS classes. This yoga class gives you a safe and educated sequencing structure and you'll leave feeling stretched out and fueled up. Ah, we feel more relaxed just talking about it. 


If CLOCKED™ and CONTROL™ had a love child it would be IN THE MIX™. This fan favorite will burn your muscles out with CONTROL™ using heavier weights, and then push the hell out of you with CLOCKED™ and its beastly cardio and high-intensity explosions. Don’t forget your water bottle. No, seriously, don’t.


This isn’t your Grandma’s sit-on-your-tuckus-and-reach-your-toes class. In CORE & RESTORE™, we put that core to work by isolating the abs, sides and back. Then we'll bust out the foam rollers, lacrosse balls and loop bands for the stretch of your life. Trust us, it hurts so good.


Whether your goal is to Slim DownTone UpGain Muscle or be an All-Around Badass, we’ve got a specific 5-day class schedule for you to follow each week that will get you there.

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