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CLOCKED™ The Calorie Torcher. It is the Cardio component of The System. Using plyometrics and high-intensity timed intervals, this speed and endurance class will push you to your limits both physically and mentally with constant heart rate elevation and minimal recovery periods.


CONTROL™ The Metabolic Booster. It is the primary Strength component of The System. Focusing on larger muscle groups, this full body class uses heavier weights and blends isolated and dynamic movements that will build lean body mass, improve bone density and connective tissue health, and help kick your metabolism into overdrive.


HIGH+TIGHT™ The Sculpt & Definer. It falls into the Strength component of The System. This class cuts and defines the body, using smaller low-impact movements with high repetitions and a variety of equipment. Performed under infrared heaters, you’ll feel an intense burnout from every angle that will tone and cinch the silhouette.


THE COURSE™ The Endurance. It falls into the Strength & Cardio components of The System. This class uses strength-in-motion to fire up your muscle fibers in unison for the ultimate athletic, breathless, explosive workout. This full body burner will improve your speed, strength, agility and endurance.


EBB+FLO™ is the Stretch & Balance. It is the Recovery component of The System. Performed under infrared heat for the ultimate detoxifying experience, this class will strengthen and elongate your muscles through a series of vinyasas, weaved with creative strength, longer holds, and stretches that your body craves.


IN THE MIX™ is the perfect mix of CLOCKED and CONTROL. It falls in the Cardio and Strength components of The System. This class will melt fat, build lean muscle mass and improve your overall strength, endurance and power. Constantly lowering and raising your heart rate, through a combination of intervals and functional strength training, this class is an all-around asskicker.


RESTORE+RECOVER™ focuses on fascia release & mobility. It falls into the Recovery component of The System. Using foam rollers, lacrosse balls and infrared heaters, this detoxifying and restorative class will help increase flexibility and circulation, while reducing inflammation and joint stress.


Whether your goal is to Slim Down, Tone Up, Gain Muscle or be an All-Around Badass, we’ve got a specific 5-day class schedule for you to follow each week that will get you there.

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