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    We are really excited to share in your journey and can’t wait to meet you. Bring your game face and a positive attitude. Remember that we all started with that first class and while it can be intimidating to walk through those doors for the first time, know that you will feel proud walking out of them 60 minutes later. We recommend also bringing a small towel, water and a mat if you have one. If you don’t have a mat- no worries, we have some loaners at each studio you can borrow. If possible, getting to class 10-15 minutes ahead of time is recommended so that you have time to talk with the instructor and get any equipment set up that you might need.


    You will create a profile in MindBody. Once that is completed, you can purchase a pricing option and sign up for your classes.


    Any standard SOS package you purchase will be honored at any of our Columbus locations. However, we might choose to run a new client promotional package at one particular studio. In that case, we would specify which studio you are allowed to attend on the specific promo.


    All package purchases are final. We will exchange for a different package of equal or greater value ONLY if the package has not been used. We do not freeze packages unless you have a serious injury provided a doctors note that states you are not able to work out. We will freeze packages for maximum 1 month. All class packages have a 6 month expiration.


    Please cancel your class within 12 hours prior to your upcoming class to avoid being charged a $10 late cancel fee*, or loss of class for a late cancellation or no show.

    Together We Are Stronger//Believe in the Impact//System Works//Original Monthly Unlimited Members: Package holders will be assessed a $10 charge for cancelling a class with less than 12 hours prior to class and will be charged $15 for a class no-show.

    Class Pass Members: Class pass Members will lose their class.

    Level 1+ Snow Emergency: Will not be charged a fee due to late cancellation or no show.

    We have a no exceptions policy to this rule. Please understand that we know things happen: People get sick, tires go flat, dogs eat your running shoes, and happy hours pop up out of nowhere. But in the spirit of being fair and consistent, we need to treat everyone equally, regardless of the specific scenario. Bottom line: If we make an exception for you, then we need to make an exception for everyone else, and that is impossible to manage. Again, we will not reverse late cancel charges so please respect the policy and try to understand our position.

    Here are a few tips to keep you from getting charged a late fee:

    Make it a habit to sign into class when you walk in. Download the SOS app and make it a habit to check your schedule daily and make the necessary adjustments. Cancel within the 12 hour window. Map out your schedule for the next 14 days as long as you are committed to making the necessary changes to your schedule as they arise. Be equally as mindful about the classes you are wait listed for. If you are on the wait list and get pushed into the class prior to the late cancel timeframe, you are responsible for that class. Don't put yourself on a wait list and forget about it. You need to manage your overall schedule so you do not run the risk of being late charged.


    We do not offer beginner or advanced level classes. We meet you where you are in your fitness journey and while every class is designed to be difficult, we understand that not everyone is at the same level of fitness. Our first priority is your safety. All SOS instructors are trained to provide different levels to make each work out accessible for anyone. We strongly advise clients with ANY injury to notify the instructor prior to class so they are able to give appropriate modifications.


    Our minimum age is 16 to participate in regular studio classes. We will from time to time offer special Kid Classes or Kid/Parent Classes however and during those, the minimum age is 5.


    We try really hard to keep our music clean in the studio. However, with all of the apps and different ways to stream playlists available to our instructors, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage a playlist that is 100% clean. There will be times where explicit language will be played in our studio.


    You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing digitalstudio@systemofstrength.com. Please note that your subscription must be cancelled one day prior to your membership renewing. There will be no refunds for subscriptions cancelled after the renewal date.