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Catch up on the latest and greatest SOS news, notes and press coverage. 

SOS' Darcey Wion Named Women’s Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star Finalist

System of Strength’s very own Darcey Wion is Women’s Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star finalist. Read more about her ‘WHY’, personal hurdles & fitness journey.


Clothing Retailer EXPRESS is all about SOS

What defines System of Strength and how did it start? Learn more about the badassery that is SOS & get to know the ladies who started it all with this open interview behind closed doors—although, Gretchen and Keri don’t mind leaving it open.

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USA Today repping the SOS life

How does System of Strength connect with their brand? The answer couldn’t be simpler — by connecting with their badass community. Get the full scoop on how SOS invites their peeps to live their brand through storytelling and motivation.

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