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Written by Keri on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

There are certain things in life we can’t control.

Traffic. Our mother-in-law.

Passive-aggressive colleagues.

That uncle who always brings up politics.

And that’s OK. We let that shit slide.

No reason to get pissed over the uncontrollable.

So we smile and nod and smile and nod.

And go on with our day.

But this year, it’s time to get pissed.

Pissed over what we can control.

Pissed over the narrative we’ve created for ourselves.

That we don’t deserve more. That we don’t deserve better. That this year will be the same damn thing it was last year- A few hundred days of the same bullshit and frustrations.

Or that ‘that’ story, that opportunity, that dream, is for someone else.

A less-messy person, someone who deserves it, has their shit together.

Or because it is out of reach.

Well, we call bullshit. On our story and on yours.

It’s time to get pissed about that voice and that story. Because it isn’t true.

You do have control. A lot of it.

Who you surround yourself with. What you put up with. Who you allow in and what you allow in. Establishing boundaries, creating space, and welcoming love. And giving the finger to anyone and anything that doesn’t serve you.

If you love and care for your body, or disparage every inch.

If you seek nourishing meals, deep sleep, and plenty of water. Recovery classes and outdoor hikes, cleansing breaths and hot baths. Moving your body, pushing it and loving it with each movement of the day.

Your capacity. Your opportunities. Your hustle. Your future.

You have control over these things. You have heart, potential, and strength.

You are of significant worth.

Think about the lies you’ve been telling yourself, the stories you’ve let yourself believe.

And get pissed. Really effing pissed.

And change it. Because you can.

This isn’t a new year’s resolution. This is an every-moment-of-every-day recognition that you deserve more and you are capable of more than you ever dreamed possible.

Happy New Year, Badass.




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Keri  Croft