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Written by Keri on Friday, May 4, 2018

It isn’t reserved for professional athletes.

Or the perfectly in-shape, Nike-commercial bodies.

It isn’t for those in their 20s, without children, with a few hours laying around.

They’re for everyone.

Every age, every body, every lifestyle.

The overly-committed corporate, overly-scheduled mom, the overly-stressed student.

Everyone can have a mission…and every one should.

That goal you seek with such tenacity it catches others attention.

That steady rhythm of commitment. 4:30 alarms, sticky notes on the mirror, Spotify playlists.

Each day, inching closer. Making hours matter. Noticing progress.

And don’t tell me these are reserved for January.

Or six months before a wedding, that vacation.

Missions don’t discriminate. They’re not seasonal.

They’re available every day of every month.

For those who decide to make themselves a priority and push relentlessly to achieve their mission.

Make May your month to start a new mission.

Write down that goal, put that sticky note on your kitchen counter, call that friend, tell them what you’re going to accomplish, then look yourself in the mirror and fucking believe it.

Because you can do it and we’re always here by your side to help.

After all, the most beautiful missions in life are always accomplished with others.

Keri  Croft