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Loading Get Off The Train (#EMSOS #3)

Written by Emily on Monday, February 26, 2018

Ok. So you’d think by the second week of training, I’d be getting in a flow. Right?

Like a drop-it-low flow. Drop it, drop it, lowwww…..

(And don’t tell me you never danced in front of the mirror after a great workout). 

Welp, I hadn’t gotten in the flow. Not even close. While the last week totally energized me and pumped me up to start this Cap City training…I had forgotten a number of important lessons with training. And training well.

One was prioritizing. Your work-out should take priority. Besides, of course, keeping your job, loving the fam, and putting that food on the table. Because we all need mashed potatoes….and, uhhh, kale. Yeah, that’s what I’m supposed to say, right Keri? Kale?

(I’ll likely be enlisting for Check Yourself soon……)

But I didn’t. I didn’t prioritize the workout.

I recently changed my line of work and want to make sure I’m slaying every day and when you put things on the back burner (like the workout), you usually forget. Because, well, it’s back there. Like that baking powder on the third shelf, behind the big bottle of Worchestershire. And you end up buying three tins of baking powder because you can’t see it, and then you’ve still forgotten the half-and-half. Eff I digress…

So I’m getting ready to go on vacay (yay, right?) and I need to get work done.

Chooooo Choooo! Hopping on the justification train! OH YEAHHHH….

First stop, cancel the Course on Monday (sorry, Gabe).

Because, you know, I’m super important and have SO. MUCH. WORK. To. Do.

But, couldn’t you have done it earlier in the a.m., later in the evening? Planned accordingly?

Of course, prioritization Emily, but this is currently getting-back-in-the-flow-and-forgetting-to-prioritize-workouts Emily. And riding this justification train is EASIER.

AND WORK IS A GREAT EXCUSE because, well, it’s WORK! Who can fault me for that?

So I don’t go to the Course. I feel OK about it, because I’m working, being productive. 

The problem, however, is that there is always work to do.

The dogs can always be walked. (and IG stories made of how CUTE my dogs are when they’re being walked. The best. I should go walk them now).

The laundry can always be done.

That card you need to write, the bill you need to pay, the podcast you’ve wanted to catch up on, those cobwebs in the guest bedroom, that garage space you want to reorganize, the record collection to alphabetize….


It’s all there. It will always be there. Always. I promise, the cobwebs will not leave you, my friend.

Reminds me of when I washed my floors three times a week….when I was ‘writing’ my dissertation.

The other problem, of course, is when you ride the justification train, it’s hard to get off of the dang train. Such a smooth ride.

Tuesday rolls around.

Choooooo....choooo!!! Next stop, Tread!

Ehhhh, I’m leaving tomorrow for vacation. I’ve still got A LOT of work to do. I mean, like, I’m swimming in all the stuff. Packing, writing, reports, starfish, sea turtles, and I need to walk my dogs one last time! My IG followers WANT to see my dogs!! And try on all my bathing suits to see which is the least terrifying on my pale, Walrus-y body. Don’t want to scare the kids in Mexico! I’m doing this for the children!

Matt Wion, I’m skipping for the kids. The kids are our future! I know you’ll understand.

I text Courtney, tell her because of vacay, I can’t come and ask for the workout.

I get the speed workout and tell myself I will run down in Mexico.

Of course! There is always tomorrow. And the second Tuesday of next week.

I pack, I travel, I say hello to a margarita or two (I DESERVE IT!), and I land in Cancun around 6 p.m., Tulum by 8:30, bed by 10.

It’s almost Thursday and no workout.

It’s that evening I realize I need to write this blog.

OH CRAP. Ok, I can still save this. This will be a great blog entry. Yes.....I’ll just do 6 workouts in three days.

And it will be UH-mazing. Like, look how quickly this chick gets in shape. She's doin' double time. And alllll those yogis on the retreat will be like, ‘Whoa, who is this chick from Ohio doing yoga AND running AND whatever that is on her laptop.”

And I’ll rise from the workout, walk by the yogis with their margaritas and say, ‘It’s Digital Studio. Check it out. NAMASTE.’ And they'll all stare in amazement. And leave their lofts in L.A. for the beautiful 614.

And I’ll come home and Darc will be like, ‘WHOA! We got this huge surge in digital subscriptions.’ And I’ll sit back in those fancy reclining chairs, a glass of bourbon, and a cigar and say ‘welp, that was me, Darc. I’ve inspired yogis around the world.’

[Sidenote: I don’t drink bourbon or smoke cigars]

And the idea that I spread SOS to Los Angeles, New York City, and Rome made me a little more comfortable as I dozed off to sleep on Wednesday night, riding the justification train.

Chooooo choooo….snooze.

Thursday through Sunday go like this:

Problem: I didn’t do workouts this week.

No Problem: You have digital studio. 

Problem: It’s 80 degrees.

No Problem: People do this all the time, Emily. And you once did as well.

Ok, fine. I go for my running shoes in my bag….

I see my five bathing suits, seven cover ups, six books, two journals, three different types of coconut oils and lotions, and one winter running glove (I’m not kidding. This is my life. #MESSY)….but I can’t find my running shoes.

There is a reason for that.

The iguanas ate them. I SWEAR MATT WION, the iguanas ate them. You should have seen these suckers. Monsters for that Nike canvas.

Actually, no. I just forgot them.

Not making the workouts priority. Period. That was it.

Can’t make this justification train look pretty.

But, I mustered all my strength and humility, refused the margs, and went to the beach, to do 400 repeats.

But how do you know they were 400s, Emily?!


So you ran in the sand doing 400s? Were people watching you?

Yes, yes, they were, mean Emily. But, I’m trying. Ok. OK?

And Digital Studio? How did that one go?

Well, mean Emily, it was quite interesting. QUITE.

I did Digital Studio—but I don’t think I was exactly the perfect model of a student…and I don’t think any of the Italian yogis are going to sign up anytime soon…sorry, SOS.

I did the majority of the workouts, the best I could…without shoes….or a treadmill…or a running watch…sigh. And, a bit of a woof.

You get the picture. When you’re at a yoga retreat surrounded by 39 other people who are sitting for an hour at a time to, you know, sit, and not think, and relax….and then swim in the pool, lay out, read, oh, and drink all the margaritas…it was hard for me to pull myself away and get that workout in. I did what I could, with what I had, and tried not to beat myself up too much over it.

Maybe week 8 Emily will be able to prioritize that. Week 2 Emily is owning that she didn’t and is working on it. And learned from that mistake.

Side note: Did you realize that there is no such thing as a “skinny margarita” in Mexico?

Apparently, they’re just called “margaritas”. Because, they don’t automatically add all that sugar, and syrup, and schtuff…

It’s like going to Japan and ordering a sushi roll with no cream cheese…they just don’t include that.

I saved you weird looks from Mexican bartenders. You’re welcome.

Emily H