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Loading It's Yoga Calling

Written by Keri on Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oh hey there, and a happy Thursday to you!

Let’s talk a little more yoga, shall we?

For the SOS client (or otherwise) who is on the fence about making time for yoga in their weekly system, let me start by saying 2 things:

  • Yoga isn’t easy. In fact, it’s hard in many ways. You aren’t trading in a precious Clocked or H&T to sit and gently stretch. Although, I would argue that could be an amazing use of your time (yin yoga, anyone)? Adding an Ebb & Flo or a SloFlo into your week will challenge your strength in so many ways that it will blow your mind. Want a good core workout? K, then run as fast as you can to one of these classes.

  • Step up to the challenge and work on something that’s foreign to you and there will be nothing but upside. If you’re someone who feels like they are not “good” at yoga, or you think you’re “too inflexible” that means you’re the exact person who should get on the mat and start.

Commit to taking an Ebb & Flo or a Sloflo once a week for the next 30 days, and if you don’t feel a positive difference mentally and physically, you have my permission to come up and punch me in the adams apple. Give it a chance, and I promise it will over deliver.

There’s a reason we love our SOS yoga classes, and we’ve put a ton of TLC into creating the perfect formats for the SOS community. That said, we can’t help but notice some of the other yoga studios in the city and what they’re up to. You’ve got an insanely talented yoga community right under your nose, and I think it’s such a shame if you don’t get over your preconceived notions and jump into this juicy pool of yoga awesomeness. Here’s my top three right now, and if you’re in the neighborhood, please consider trying one of these game changing spaces:

1. Studio 543-Located in German Village at 543 S. High St, this place had me at hello. Co-owners, Natasha Babamovski & Kristina Suszkiw have created a gorgeous space; boasting a cozy, eclectic vibe that sucks you in and makes you wish you actually lived there. Kristina’s teaching style drew me in immediately, and I’m always impressed with her creativity. In the words of Kristina, “I use strength to build poses so students can learn where their bodies can take them while challenging themselves.” Along with being very physically challenging, her classes cater to all levels. She gently pushes the more advanced yogi into some crazy pose without polarizing the rest of the class, and that's a huge plus for a beginner. Kristina’s band of yoga instructors are amazing as well. I’ve tried them all and they’ve always knocked it out of the park. Last but not least, the cold towel, amazing adjustment, and optional frozen grapes at the end are details that are never lost on me when I take a class there. Check out these graceful yogi swans at www.studio543yoga.com.

2.Balanced Yoga-This beautiful, 2 story studio is located right in the heart of Clintonville (a stone’s throw away from our future SOS studio) at 3526 N. High St. I love this space; it’s light and airy with a clean and cozy vibe. Every instructor I’ve taken has been amazing, and if you get the opportunity to take a class from Colleen, please do. She has the voice of an angel, and she will sing to you when you’re in savasana. The first time she did it I thought Natalie Merchant had snuck into the room…it was such a special touch. Here’s what co-owner, Leah Wastewater had to say when I asked her how she tries to entice people to try yoga for the first time: “For anyone considering exploring yoga - I usually ask them what’s holding them back.  The responses usually include the word “enough” - “I don’t have enough time...I am not flexible enough…strong enough…” - what does that word even mean, and who defines or quantifies what “enough” is or looks like?  It’s made up - it’s limiting, disempowering and it gets us stuck. As my teacher Baron Baptiste says:  “you are ready now; you are enough now and you always have been.” I highly recommend trying out this bendy crew of Baptiste trained yogis, and they have a two week package for $25 for new students. www.balancedyoga.com

3. Thank Yoga-Ah, last but certainly never least, it’s Thank Yoga. When I think about practicing in this studio, the words “less is more” come to mind. This space is so simple; worn wooden floors, a cool wood ceiling, and that window, though. There’s usually a message on the wall drawn beautifully in chalk, and I think the message always jumps out at me because the space is so simple. I love everything about this place and the hip babes that have made the Thank community an amazing place of refuge for it’s members. Josie Schweitzer and Melissa Petty are a dynamic duo in the yoga scene, and they have done a bang up job sharing their love of the practice in cool and authentic way. I asked Melissa to give a little line or two on her perspective and what this practice is to her, and she didn't disappoint…”I'm going to shoot you straight: this is really fucking hard, not in a grueling way, more in a push-all-of-your-buttons way. But thats where the magic happens, the physical practice challenges you to face up to all your shit. Yoga wakes you up to your life, your habits, & your patterns, so that you can discern what is worth your time/energy/attention and what is just filler.”  Check out Thank at www.thankyogastudio.com and use promo code SOSBLOG for 20% off of a new student pass or 10 class pass. PS, I’m going to check out Josie’s new brain child next week, and you can check out what she’s up to at www.thankyoga.com.

It’s time for me to wrap up here because I have to get my weekly 4:30pm fix with Ashley Wolfe at SOS. Her Ebb & Flo is a sneaky little son of a bitch and I love/hate her for it.

C’mon. Drop your ego like a bad Tinder date, grab your mat, and let’s evolve...together.

Namaste bitch kitties—

Keri Croft


Keri Croft